How Do I ... ?

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Get a Library Card

If you live in our service area, you may get a library card free of charge, as part of your tax-supported library service.

Your library card allows you to:

To get a library card bring identification and proof of your address into the library. Fill out our application and we will create your new library card.

NON RESIDENT CARDS: Our service area is the city of Prophetstown. We levy a tax and the city collects the funds that enable us to operate. By law, only residents of Prophetstown are taxed for our library since we were chartered as a "city library." However, we are happy to serve all of our rural area and the communities of Lyndon, Tampico and Deer Grove. To make this fair to the city residents, who are paying a tax for this service, state law requires that we charge a fee to non residents that would equal what a typical family iwithn the city pays in taxes. This fee is $50 and entitles you to all the cards that you need for your family. It is renewable each year, just as taxes come around each year. The NON RESIDENT CARD can be used at all Illinois libraries. You can order from our online catalog and have all of the services that city residents have.


Renew Books

To renew books and other items either stop in and let us know or give us a call on the phone. Books may be renewed 1 time unless they are new and there are holds on them.